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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today's Review!!

So I couldn't quite decide on which book to review today. My brain might still possibly be a tad mushy from the weekend. So I'm doing a whole series! hehe

The Demonica Series by @LarissaIone 

What can I say... This series rocked! I was totally non functioning while reading these books! The world building, characters, romance, adventures... ALL A-MAZ-ING. While all hell breaks loose in these characters lives, they still hold true to themselves and keep right on going. Underworld General, which brings all of this together IMHO, is the BEST! This is the type of series that makes you really wonder, "what if this is all real?". The romance is roller coastered just enough to keep you tied into it, but each adventure and twist is completely compelling. Hope to see more and more of these characters in the new series she writes!

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